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Someone prayed for him, 70x90 cm
Pray on the wall
Someone prayed for him: Detail view
Someone prayed for him, detail view


Title: Someone prayed for him

Painting: Oil painting on Canvas.

Size: 70x90 cm

Sándor Reményik

Someone Said A Prayer For Me

When I was mortified by my sins,
my soul laden with burdens heavy,
suddenly these burdens got lighter,
someone must have said a prayer for me.

Someone must have said a prayer for me.
My father or mother long ago?
Perhaps someone else, too, loving me,
good friend, sister or brother also.

I don’t know for sure, but I bless God,
who had brought for me salvation dear,
and I bless, too, the one who
at least only once has said a prayer for me.

N. Ullrich Katalin

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