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Here, we would like to give you some gift templates and holiday decoration inspiration if you want to create a handcrafted decoration for Christmas.
You are welcome to peruse and utilize them for personal, non-commercial purposes.
It is not permitted to use them for business purposes.

Cut-out angel figure. Download the template if you like it:

Angel paper figures

Betlehem figures with the Holy family and a barn (cave):

Angel template for meringue christmas ornaments:

Free template: Betlehem
Betlehem figures: Joseph
Betlehem figures: Virgin Mary
Betlehem figures: Jesus
Betlehem variations
Free template: meringue angel head
Meringue angel head
Meringues with angels


  • 2 egg white

  • 14 dkg powdered sugar

  • a few drops vinegar

Whisk together the vinegar and sugar with the egg whites. Preheat the oven to 110 degrees Celsius. Bake them. Using some raw egg foam, attach the angel heads to the baked meringue forms.


Here you can find some inspiration for handmade decorations.

Salt dough Christmas ornaments:

Salt dough decorations

Recipe for the salt dough

  • 20 dkg flour

  • 20 dkg fine grain salt

  • 125 ml water

  • 1,5 tablespoon oil

Salt dough Christmas decorations
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