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Ildikó Mecséri (MEIL) and Éva Mecséri (MEVA)

Ildikó Mecséri (MEIL)
Cirrcle Foundation artist member

Ildikó Mecséri (MEIL): 

I was born in 1971 in Győr (Hungary). I graduated as a cultural manager, and then as an economist. I received an MBA degree after graduating from the University of Lincoln. After that, my job and life were connected with e-commerce, where I was a sales and quality assurance manager for many years. I have travelled a lot, and photography has become one of my favorite hobbies. Later, I started to paint with oil, and making art and writing poems became my primary profession. I'm a member of the t'ARS Christian Art Group. I would like to express the intangible in the tangible and the invisible in the visible. I use my travel experiences among different cultures to show the complexity of life. My inspirations for my paintings and poems come from history, faith,  and science. My painting style is metaphorical realism, and I work with oil paints. My applied techniques are varied: alla prima, flemish etc. I constantly research and develop new painting tecqhniques to find the best fit to my artworks. I hope I can give you some positive moments by my paintings and poems. I have been exhibiting in Hungary and internationally (e.g. Paris: Carrousel du Louvre, Brussels: Rome, Warsaw, Naples etc.). My poems and novels are published on several litreture sites and published in print. For example:  Dunapart Magazin, HolnapMagazin, Irodalmi Rádió,, etc.

Awards, exhibitions and publications

Éva Mecséri (MEVA)

Éva Mecséri (MEVA): 

I was born in 1967 in Győr (Hungary). I like taking photos, drawing, and painting with oil and writing poems and tales. I won several drawing and painting competitions earlier, when I was a student. Later, I graduated as a Cultural Manager. My favorite photo themes are nature photography, including macro and landscape photos. My painting style is emotional, and I would like to express my feelings through my works. I think that if you see the world through the eyes of a child, when you are grown up, you can save the most important things that can make you happy and always be open to new things. I would like to add supplemental information for each of my works to show more than just a painting. I hope you can browse my works with pleasant feelings. My poems and tales are published on several litreture sites and published in print. Forexample: HolnaMagazin, Irodalmi Rádió,,, etc.


Art Studio: Mecseri Art

Latest events and exhibitions:

Soul images, Veszprém. February 17th. - March 28. 2024

The group exhibition of the t'ARS Christian Art Workshop in Veszprém, Hungary, in the Agóra Cultural Center.  4 paintings from Ildikó Mecséri have been exhibited: Fingerprint, Infinite wonders, Subjective time, Someone prayed for him.

Advent digital exhibition in the Rege Galeria, Tihany, 05-31. december 2023.

As a member of the t'ARS Christian Art Workshop three paintings from Ildikó Mecséri have been exhibited digitally.

"When heaven and earth meet..." art exhibition in the St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest, 16-24. september 2023.

As a member of the t'ARS Christian Art Workshop 6 paintings from Ildikó Mecséri had been exhibited.

Art Winners at Museum, exhibition in the Venanzo Crocetti Museum, Rome - 3-16. March 2023

Group exhibition where the painting of Ildiko Mecseri, title: In the beginning had been exhibited.

In mid-stream, Ars Sacra Festival exhibition organized by t'ÁRS Christian Art Workshop, Keszthely, Hungary 24th Sept. - 24th Oct. 2022

Group exhibition where the Infinite wonders and the Fingerprint painting had been exhibited.