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Free gallop, 70x90 cm
Free gallop on the wall.
Free gallop, detail view 1.
Free gallop, detail view 2.


Title: Free Gallop

Painting: Oil painting on Canvas.

Size: 70x90 cm

For me a horse is a wonderful creature: the effortless power, a natural beauty and a friend without words.

Sándor Reményik - Silent wonders

Do not wait for the earth to shatter,
Sodom's consumption by fire.
Tiny wonders from day to day are
Greater, deeper to admire.
Come, place your hand upon your heart and
Hear well, observe what it conveys,
Is this fine beating not by far the
Greatest, most wonderous music phrase?
Come, look into that deep blue Endless,
Look at those tiny silver things:
Not wonderous that your orphaned soul is
Rising towards them, spreading wings?
Look how your shadow runs before you,
How it expands and shrinks with you.
Not a wonder? Or that the waters
Reflect the heavens for your view?
Do not expect big things in life, for
Joys are snowflakes, they drift and stray.
Silent, sifting petals of wonder.
In them's God's voice: I'm coming.

Kery, Leslie A.

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