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In mid-stream, Ars Sacra Festival exhibition organized by t'ÁRS Christian Art Workshop, Keszthely, Hungary 24th Sept. - 24th Oct. 2022

Group exhibition where the Infinite wonders and the Fingerprint painting had been exhibited.

Art one piece collection, Galleria Il Collezionista, Rome 9-20 April 2022

Group exhibition where the The organist painting had been exhibited from Ildikó Mecséri.

Vatican Artists of Fame, Palace of the Vatican Chancellery, Rome 5-11 March 2022

Group exhibition where 2 paintings had been exhibited from Ildikó Mecséri: The Organist and the Infinite wonders.

Christmas Exhibition, Art Nou Millenni Gallery, Barcelona 16th December 2021 - 10th January 2022

The painting: Communion, the Lord's Supper had been exhibited.

Quadriennale Betesda, International Art Exhibition, The Good Place, Catholic Cultural Center, Warsaw 03. Oct - 07. Nov. 2021

The painting: The Infinite Wonders had been exhibited.