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Bridge or judge, Bridge view
Bridge or judge, Scale view
Bridge or judge on the wall
Detail view


Title: Bridge or judge

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

Size: 60x100 cm

You can be a bridge among people or judge others. It's up to you. This painting can be seen from top to bottom, or you can turn it upside down. Each view has its own meaning: a bridge or a scale. A simple rotating wall fitting is supplied with the painting. Ready to hang on the wall.

Sándor Weöres

How each perceives me, so I am to him…

How each perceives me, so I am to him...

Why think me kinless, odd and full of whim?

On my forehead, you say, you see a sign:

It’s you yourself who draws its every line.


Be careful how its light or shade display,

Its light, its shade, are what define your day.

You judge me wise or one with addled view:

In me you see the rules that govern you.


You think me clever?  Let me guide your step.

Or a fool maybe?  I'll rattle my cap.

A horse perhaps?  Sit on my back and ride;

Lion?  Escaping I’ll never abide.


You see yourself in the lake of my eye:

Your looking glass, your truest friend am I.

Kery, Leslie A.

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